A Roaring Success: The Hall of Fun Party Celebrating Tiger Tot’s 20th Anniversary

The Shotokan Karate Ryu community recently came together to celebrate an outstanding milestone – the 20th anniversary of the Tiger Tot’s programme. Originally brought to life by Sensei Donna in 2004, the programme has been an integral part of our karate family, shaping the lives of many students, old and new.

The commemorative event was hosted at the Mountfitchet Romeera Leisure Centre on Sunday, 14th April. The atmosphere was a vibrant blend of excitement and nostalgia as attendees reminisced about their journey with Tiger Tot’s and indulged in the day’s festivities.

The standout attraction of the party was undeniably the 27-metre giant inflatable obstacle course. The challenge brought out the youthful spirit in everyone, amplifying the fun factor of the event. Other popular activities included wheely cars, a spring board, soft play areas, and sports like basketball, short tennis, and football, offering something enjoyable for everyone.

No celebration would be complete without food, and our party was no exception. Guests were treated to a generous finger buffet, featuring a variety of delicious options. To add a cherry on top, each attendee received a Tiger goodie bag as a memento of the special occasion.

Overall, the Hall of Fun party was a roaring success. It was a heartwarming demonstration of the strong bond within our community, and a fitting celebration of the Tiger Tot’s programme’s impactful journey. Here’s to many more years of nurturing young karate enthusiasts!

Sensei Donna reflected on the day, saying, “”It was great to see such a large number of families coming together and visibly enjoying themselves. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, joy…. and Sensei Michael’s playlist – which was really rather good! Everywhere you looked, children were playing, parents were chatting and everyone was having a thoroughly good time. The event was not just fun, it was an unforgettable experience!”

The Shotokan Karate Ryu has been teaching traditional Karate in Bishops Stortford and Stansted for over 20 years, and believes that karate is more than just a physical activity. It teaches discipline, respect, and self-confidence. 

For more information on Tiger Tots, contact Sensei Donna at skr@skr.org.uk or on (01279) 731752

For more information on the Hall of Fun Party at the Mountfitchet Romeera Leisure Centre, contact the team on (01279) 648580 or visit the website