On Sunday 12th December, students and guests joined together to celebrate an extraordinary 2020 & 2021.

Slide Show

As is customary, each year we have a ‘Christmas Slide Show’  to commemorate the success of the club.  

This year, we thought we would include it on our website. 



Lessons recommence in the New Year from

Wednesday 5th January inclusive.

Special Thanks

 To the following students that have helped out at events and  lessons in 2020 & 2021:


Sempai Olivia Bowen, Sempai Ariane Doughty,   Sempai Kai Scheffer, Sempai Massimiliano Verga, Sempai Jacob Turvey, Sempai Oliver Hunter, Sempai Grace Richardson, Sempai Amy Thorpe, Sempai Laura Ward


 Sensei Stuart Trow, Sempai Tolis Zacharatos, Sempai Jacqui Mauroo, Sempai Kevin Mauroo, Sempai Simon Jones, Sempai Stuart Hunter, Sempai Alex Richardson, Sempai Paul Thomas, Sempai Adele Ward

& to parent helper Andy Thorpe


Dan Grade Awards

The following Dan Grade Certificates were awarded:

Kai Scheffer, 1st Dan

Jacob Turvey, 1st Dan

Massimiliano Verga, 1st Dan,

Poppy Lee, 1st Dan

Oliver Hunter,  1st Dan 

Olivia Bowen, 1st Dan

Ariane Doughty, 1st Dan

Luca Burli, 1st Dan

Cameron Lancaster, 1st Dan

Connor Lancaster,  1st Dan

Stuart Hunter, 1st Dan

Alex Richardson, 1st Dan

Paul Thomas, 1st Dan

Tanys Lancaster, 1st Dan

Bret Lancaster, 1st Dan

Tim Mellors, 2nd Dan

Ben Mellors, 2nd Dan

Sensei Ben Chan, 3rd Dan 

Sensei Stuart Trow, 4th Dan 


Kanazawa Award for Teaching by Example

Alex Richardson

 Student of the Year

Ben Chan

 Kawasoe Award for Endeavour

Paul Thomas

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