Japanese Terminology Course: Kihon & Kumite

Often, students approach us with concerns over remembering the Japanese Terminology used in the Dojo for the sequences of moves.

With this is mind, Sensei Michael designed and implemented a bespoke course to help students understand the fundamentals of Japanese terminology commonly used in Shotokan Karate. By the end of the 2 hour course, students had gained an insight to the use of terminology, and to build on these foundations

The course opened with very simplistic moves, given in Japanese, for the students to perform. Very quickly, the course developed into more complicated sequences of moves, which the students found they were able to take in their stride despite previous misconceptions of not being able to understand the Japanese commands.

Under the expert tuition of Sensei Michael, students found that they were soon transitioning from techniques both on the right and left side, incorporating different hand and striking techniques, blocks, kicks and stance changes.

The course content also focussed and explained Japanese commands found in a traditional Dojo – such as Hajime (begin), Yame (finish), Enyoi (relax) and Moksu (open mind) – an important part of the heritage of Shotokan Karate and it’s inherent discipline.