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Unforgettable Moments and Remarkable Achievements

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our first championships in four years! After a long hiatus due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, our karate school hosted a spectacular event that surpassed all expectations. The championships, held on 30th September, 2023, marked the countdown to our 20th anniversary and were a true celebration of our karate community.


Dear Sensei Michael and Sensei Donna,

“Thank you so much for organising the championships, it was an excellent event! Thank you Sensei Donna for supporting and guiding Phoebe, she was so nervous! Her trophy is her most prized possession and has boosted her confidence.”

Jess K


Outstanding Performances and Trophy Winners

With a total of 10 competitions, including 6 Kata and 4 Kumite events, our championships showcased the skills and dedication of our members across all levels. From our youngest Tiger Tots (4-6 years old) to our adult members, everyone gave their best and demonstrated exceptional talent. The competition was fierce, and the performances were truly awe-inspiring.



We are proud to announce the winners of the championships. Congratulations to all the participants who displayed their incredible skills and determination.

Here are the top performers in each category:

Tiger Tots Kata Competition


1st Place: Anna Rylchuk
2nd Place: Lucas Hazelden
3rd Place: Olivia Unzueta Neale
3rd Place: Ethan Stewart

Junior Kohai Kata Competition (I)


1st Place: Sebastian Waryniak
2nd Place: Ekeziel Finn
3rd Place: Leo Cappelletto
3rd Place: Dexter Cottam

Junior Kohai Kata Competition (II)


1st Place: Poppy Chapman
2nd Place: Helena Heron
3rd Place: Rose Aldridge
3rd Place: Nicola Daines

Junior Sempai Kata Competition (I)


1st Place: Ben Miller
2nd Place: Amelia Shea
3rd Place: Evelyn Shea
3rd Place: Yameena Mohideen

Junior Kohai Kata Competition (II)


1st Place: Amy Thorpe
2nd Place: Leo Jackson
3rd Place: Katie Leslie
3rd Place: Daniel Bresme-Dominguez

Adult Kata Competition


1st Place: Jack Ring
2nd Place: Ryan Ring
3rd Place: Alex Richardson
3rd Place: Laura Herrod

Junior Kohai Kumite Competition (I)


1st Place: Ekeziel Finn
2nd Place: Dexter Cottam
3rd Place: Sebastian Waryniak
3rd Place: Leo Cappelletto

Junior Kohai Kumite Competition (II)


1st Place: Noah Gralton
2nd Place: Jasper Strain
3rd Place: Dylan Draycott
3rd Place: Phoebe Kendall

Junior Sempai Kumite Competition (I)


1st Place: Thomas Magee
2nd Place: Laura Ward
3rd Place: Ben Lee
3rd Place: Zaid Mohideen

Junior Sempai Kumite Competition (II)


1st Place: Ben Miller
2nd Place: Leo Jackson
3rd Place: Amy Thorpe
3rd Place: Henry Mills

A Professional and Memorable Experience

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the parents and supporters who joined us in celebrating this momentous occasion. Your presence and encouragement made the championships an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.
The atmosphere during the championships was electric. Spectators filled the venue, creating a vibrant and supportive environment for our competitors. Families, even those without participants, came to witness the excitement and stayed throughout the entire event. The stands were packed, and the applause echoed through the venue.

Capturing the Memories

The 20th anniversary of our karate school added an extra layer of significance to the championships. To commemorate this milestone, we adorned the venue with 20th-anniversary balloons, creating a festive atmosphere. Spectators waved 20th-anniversary hand flags, adding to the excitement and sense of unity.

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

The positive feedback we received about the event’s professionalism and organisation is truly heartwarming. We are committed to maintaining these high standards and continuously improving to provide the best possible experience for our karate community.
The smooth execution of the championships was the result of meticulous planning and the dedication and support of our Sempai team. We aimed to create a professional and unforgettable experience for all participants and spectators, and it fills us with joy to know that we succeeded.

A special thank-you to our judges & referees, officials, timekeepers and matt attendants:


Sempai John Neil Park
Sempai Alex Richardson
Sempai Jack Ring
Sempai Ryan Ring
Sempai Daniel Breseme-Dominguez


Competition Official & Timekeeper

Sempai Adele Ward

Matt Attendants

Sempai Nicolas Sassis
Shirley Moore
Sempai Alex Richardson
Sempai Daniel Breseme-Dominguez
Sempai Luca Kovas
Sempai Laura Herrod
Sempai Seery Moses


Andy Thorpe

Also a special mention to all the helpers that assisted with the set-up and take-down. Domo arigato!

Share your experience!

We would love to hear about your experience at the championships. Please feel free to share your thoughts, photos, and memorable moments with us. Together, let’s celebrate the success of our comeback championships and the spirit of our karate community.