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Private Lessons

Available for all SKR students

Private Lessons fall into two categories: 

  • 1-to-1

    Great for individuals

  • 1-to-2

    Great for siblings, parent and child, or friends. If you are sharing the lesson with a friend, please arrange this yourself prior to booking.

Private Lesson Rate 

£20 per 30 minute lesson


Private Lessons are taught by Sensei Donna



Upcoming Events 

Sunday 3rd


Our Kyu gradings are held quarterly.



 April 2024

Our Dan (black belt) gradings are held twice a year.


November 2023

Knife Defence





Family Christmas Party & Awards
Sunday 10th December 2023

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EKO Championships
9th March 2024

Expert Instructors

With 50 years combined experience in the Martial Arts.

Sensei Michael Ring

7th Dan


Sensei Donna Ring

5th Dan


From Our Students

“We couldn’t be prouder of Sev who today passed his karate black belt grading. Six years of dedication and training have all paid off.”

- Alex Fleet

“I have trained on and off for many years with different clubs never really advancing. Both of you have inspired and encouraged me to pursue my black belt, and the boys getting theirs on the same night was the icing on the cake.”

- Chris Seal

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