Creativity Meets Karate: Elton’s Amazing Lego Dojo

It’s not every day that you see a four-year-old with such creativity and attention to detail. Our little karate student, Elton, surprised everyone, including Sensei Donna, when he came to the class with a Lego Karate Dojo he had built himself.

This Lego model was not just any model, it featured miniatures of Sensei Donna and his fellow classmates, displaying Elton’s keen observation and affection for his Karate class. But the attention to detail didn’t stop there. Those familiar with the Havers Community Centre will recognise the representation of the black railings outside.

It’s delightful to see such creativity and dedication in our students. It’s a reminder that Karate is not just about the physical training but also about building a community, fostering creativity, and inspiring young minds. We applaud Elton for his fabulous Lego model and look forward to more of his creative endeavours.