On Saturday 29th October over 40 guests, young and old, gathered at the Stansted St John’s Dojo for the 22nd annual Halloween Party. Ghoulish games and frightful were hosted by two aliens. With zombies, mummies, skeletons, vampires, ghosts, devils, witches and other undead in attendance it was a night to remember.  


This year’s games included Pass the Pumpkin, Zombie Brains, Bouncing Eyeballs, Divination, Don’t Wake the Monsters, Pumpkin Bowling and a finale of Plants vs. Zombies.


Once again the resident witches put on a wonderful spread that turned naughty children into mice and all good children into happy party guests. A great time was had by all, and Sensei Donna would like to thank Adele and Laura Ward for their invaluable help setting up the party. 


Thank you to all the other parents who stood too still on the evening and got bewitched into helping with the party games. 

Our next social event is the Christmas Party

Sunday 11th December, 4-7pm

Free Gift!

Designed by Sensei Donna, simply download, print and stick to your front door. Also looks great in a decorative frame as a Halloween prop on your doorstep!