Breaking boards & Barriers //


Breaking Boards and Barriers: An Insight into Our Advanced Kumite Course

On the evening of Sunday, 16th June, we hosted an advanced Kumite course, exclusively designed for brown belts and above. This was not just an ordinary training session: it was a day dedicated to honing free-fighting techniques, understanding the dynamics of Kumite competitions, and experiencing the thrill of board-breaking techniques.

Kumite, a significant aspect of karate, allows martial artists to test their skills in a controlled environment. This course, focused on advanced techniques, provided our students with a concentrated understanding of this practice. The evening began with an intense session of free-fighting techniques. Students delved into the intricacies of these techniques, developing their skills and improving their reaction time under expert guidance.

We also touched upon the essential aspects of Kumite competitions. This provided valuable insight into the competitive world of karate, equipping our students with the knowledge to better understand and navigate these events.

The highlight of the evening was the practice of board-breaking techniques. This was not just about power and technique, but also about the confidence to overcome mental barriers. Our students stepped up, channeled their focus, and broke through the boards, an apt metaphor for the barriers they can overcome in life.

This advanced Kumite course was a grand success, with our students leaving with enhanced skills, a deeper understanding of Kumite competitions, and a renewed sense of self-belief. We look forward to hosting more such events in the future.