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Tiger Tots Classes


Lessons for our youngest members,
4 -6 years of age.

Welcome to Tiger Tots!

Class Overview:

Tiger Tots is a tailored programme of basic Karate tuition and developmental games that was designed and developed by Donna Ring MSc. specifically for children aged from four to six years.

Tiger Tots aims to improve a child’s balance and co-ordination, whilst building  confidence, self-discipline and independence in a structured and nurturing environment.

Classes last for  45 minutes, and formats are changed from week to week in order to stimulate the children’s interest to maintain development.

The Tiger Tots Club syllabus is designed to enable students to progress directly to a regular SKR junior class.

All club members receive a club membership pack which includes a Karate Suit and an Attendance & Grading Record Card.

Classes are run on school term timetables, and are bookable in advance.

Due to the popularity of Tiger Tots, it is advisable to register early to avoid disappointment. For more information call (01279) 731752 or e-mail senseidonna@skr.org.uk



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Thorley Community Centre


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list?

The class size for Tiger tots is limited, and quite often we operate a waiting list. If you are interested in your child attending this program, please visit the Tiger Tots page to put your child’s name down on the waiting list.

How long are the lessons?

Tiger Tot classes are 45minutes in duration.

How often are the gradings?

Gradings are held quarterly in March, June September and December.

Where will I find the syllabus?

There is more information on the Tiger Tots page. Tiger Tots are taught the same syllabus as an adult or junior. A red belt in the Tiger Tots syllabus is equivalent to a red belt in the junior or adult syllabus.

How are the lessons structured?

The Tiger Tots syllabus incorporates basic Karate tuition and development games, specifically targeted at this particular age group. The  lessons and activities are varied on a weekly basis. 

Is there a maximum or minimum age?

The minimum age for Tiger Tots is four  years. If your child is younger than this, visit the Tiger Tots page and put their name down on the waiting list. 

We are flexible with our Tiger Tots on their transition to the junior lesson. Whilst some children have the confidence to move to the next level from their fifth birthday, others are more comfortable with the transition closer to their seventh birthday.

What should I wear for my first lesson?

For your first lesson you should wear loose comfortable clothing.  We train in barefoot, so you don’t need to worry about shoewear. Please take into condideration the ambient temperature for the time of year, and ensure your child is dressed accordingly.  Please provide water in warmer weather.

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