Sensei Donna loves the snow! From snowball fights (even though I have a family of black belts with super hand-eye coordination!) to building snowmen to impromptu sledge races on kitchen trays in our garden – today has been an unexpected whirlwind of fun!

With the lessons cancelled and the Christmas Party postponed – Sensei Donna thought that she would challenge the creativity of students with a snowman competition. Sensei Michael thought that this was a great idea, and a challenge was launched. We enjoyed seeing your snowmen and were really pleased that so many of you joined in the fun!

Sam and his sister created this wonderful snowman! Great photo!
Mr Eyebrows - by Sam Read

It’s as big as a house!

Huge Snowman - by Tristan Caiger

Oliver’s Karate Snowman has been practising sweeps! We like the way they are looking at you doing your karate Oliver!
The Sweeps - by Oliver Hunter

Great punk hairstyle!

Punk Snowman - by Joshua and Lucy Levin

The force is with this one
Obi-Gi - by Maria and Ioanna Gidarakou

Brussel Sprouts and Carrots!

Vegetable Snowman - Ruan Kellard

Gosh! Braving the cold to be photographed in line!  Have you seen how the brown belt is looking up to you now you are a black belt Seery?
Sensei Donna's Frozen Class - by Seery and Leah Moses

Love the attention to detail on the faces and the red noses like Rudolph! Great job Albie!

Snow-Happy - by Albie Walton

Awe! Great snowman!
SnowBaby - Alfie Hildrew

All those buttons!  Wonderful snowman Alex and Ana!

Buttons - by Alex and Ana Thompson

Our biggest collection of snow beings! Well done girls!
SnowBear & Friends - Rhiannon and Tabitha Thomas

Looks like your snowman is practising his crane stance William!

Mr Freeze - by William Dillon

Ear warmers are essential football snow-supporter gear! Nice job Noah!
Bob the Snowman - by Noah Mason

Great Idea to use the belt as a scarf!

Freeze! It's a Stick-Up - by Isabella Maiden

Awe! Not the biggest, but great attention to detail. Well done Tyler!

Tiny the Snowman - by Tyler Aldrige

This snowman gets the thumbs up from us also! Great job Poppy!

Carrots are Great - by Poppy Lee

We hope you had as much fun creating your snowmen as we did seeing and sharing your pictures.

If you have not sent yours in yet – keep them coming!