On Saturday 27th October 2012 over 40 SKR Karate-Ka, young and old, gathered at the Stansted St John’s Dojo for spooky games and frightful fun hosted by the SKR Werewolf. With zombies, skeletons vampires, witches and a terrifying headless creature in attendance it was a night to remember.

This years games included Pumpkin Bowling, Zombie Brains, Cursed Coin, Sneak up on the Werewolf, Pass the Parcel, Musical Cauldrons and Bouncing Eyeballs.



Once again, the resident Witches put on a wonderful spread that turned all naughty children into mice and all good children into happy party guests.

A great night was had by all and the Werewolf would like to thank the Paul Walton, Paul Fiddler, Kevin and Jacqui Mauroo, Wesley Berry, Jacqui Campbell for their help setting up and packing away and to all the other parents that stood too still on the night and got roped into helping with games!