Over 70 SKR student and family members attended the Family Christmas Party held at the Thorley Community Centre in Bishops Stortford to celebrate the festive season and the successes of 2013. It was also Sensei Michael’s opportunity to present SKR Dan Grade certificates and to thank all of the SKR students and helpers who gave up their time to support the Association over the last 12 months.


Awarded SKR Dan Grade Certificates for their black belt achievement in 2013 were:





Sensei Michael also took the opportunity to present a bottle of wine with his thanks to: Sempai’s Heather Mollison, Stuart Trow, John Neil Park, Andrew Digby, Adam Bennett; David Clark, Paul Walton, Kevin & Jacqui Mauroo, Paul  Scott-Stevens, Dev Dutta, Robert Rudge and Paul Fiddler.

Sensei Michael extended his thanks and presented a bottle of wine to David Wright, parent of three SKR students, for his photography in 2013.

Sensei Michael then went on to present Book Tokens and his thanks to Junior helpers: Sempai’s Lewis Trow, Ben Clark, Joshua Wright and Thomas Mauroo.

Unable to attend and thanked in their absence were: Sempai’s Trevor Carr & Sylvia Raynor.

Sensei would like to extend his thanks to Robert Rudge for the superb Yule Logs expertly made by hand for the event, and to Jacqui Mauroo and Kelly Walton for their delightful cakes and biscuits, which were a big party hit.


When Sensei Michael was asked if he would run an additional exercise class for students, the Karate Conditioning Class was born. This class, introduced on a Wednesday evening in January 2013, has gone from strength to strength.

Karate Conditioning involves push-ups, squats, and drills to work the upper body, core and legs to support Karate training and a healthy lifestyle.

At the Christmas Party, the following students were acknowledge for their dedication to the class throughout 2013.

Kevin Mauroo   |   Shaun Jackson   |  John Neil Park   |  Jacqui Mauroo   |  Nieves Sala

Stuart Trow   |  Lewis Trow   |  Paul Walton

The award for their dedication? Appropriately a protein shaker and protein bar along with a little treat!